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"I Love My Library Because..."

Kids write responses to why they love their library.

Even Princesses Take Time to ReadI love my library because...

I like our new library because, we now have more room.  It's easier for us to have activities in the library.  I like to help Pat, and now it's easier for both of us.  I'm happy to see Pat again.  During the remodel I didn't get to see her very much.  I'm glad to be able to come down here and get books again!  I'm exited to be back in the library especially, the new one!

by Erin Fineran

I love my library because...

It has many books, lots of fun stuff, magazenz, and a TV, lots of nice people.  But the ncest person of all is Pat the libraryian.  She is very nice and lets us do fun stuff.  She makes good food and has fun crafts.  She is so nice and she likes rice with some spices.

by Thomas John Mace

I love my library because...

Because there are many books to look at.  Because when you can pick books you can have bunches of experyenses.  I like my library because it teches you some stuff.                   

by Alyssa Lynn Johnson

I love my library because...

I like my library because it has books.  My name is Tiffany Johnson, my nickname is Tiffo and Tiff and Tiffaro.

by Tiffany Johnson

I love my library because...

I love my library because it is fun to rede books.  My libraryian is nice to me.

by Andrew Mace

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