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Reading Program Final Statistics

How did YOUR group do?

Ike readingThe Arthur Public Library was a busy place this summer!  We went through a lot of paper making guesses on the jar of candy and 50 cent coupons, gave away a lot of fruit snacks, crabby patties, and sour punch straws, and read a lot of books!

FINAL statistics:

  1. First Place: Kgn-2nd-1274 books/20 kids
  2. Second Place:  Preschool-1188 books/13 kids 
  3. Third Place:  3rd-5th-661 books/12 kids
  4. Fourth Place:  6th-8th-313 books/15 kids
  5. Fifth Place:  Adults-309 books
  6. Sixth Place:  High School-25 books/7 kids

Totals:  3461 books read--3770 counting adults!!      67 kids signed up!!  GREAT SUMMER, KIDS--see you next summer!

The 50-cent coupons can still be used at Wunschel's Service until the end of September 2007.